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Dolphin Supernova – Magnify, Listen or use Braille

April 16, 2014
by Ramya Venkitesh @ 5:14 am No Comments
Filed under: AT, Blind, Low Vision

Problems using computers effectively at workplace, home or classrooms? Do you find yourself straining your eyes while working on a computer? Do you want to independently write documents, shop online, check your emails? Try the Dolphin Supernova – the ultimate access software, that aids the vision impaired, from low vision to the blind, to use....

Accessible Media – Let’s make videos accessible to ALL

April 7, 2014
by Ramya Venkitesh @ 4:16 am No Comments
Filed under: Accessibility, Blind, Elderly, Hearing Impaired, Inclusive Education, Learning Impaired, Low Vision

Are you an organization that provides information about your products, service or promotional contents in video format? Would you like to ensure the availability of your videos to a large number of audiences? Do people face challenges in listening to the audio content? Does your target audience face problems in understanding the video due to....

Optical Magnifiers – Ready to use Magnifying Solution

March 10, 2014
by Ramya Venkitesh @ 4:20 am No Comments
Filed under: AT, Low Vision

Finding it difficult to read your books, newspapers or any written material due to low vision? Are you looking for a optical magnifier that not only gives you excellent magnification features but at the same time is light-weighted, portable and convenient to use? When there is a need for ready to use magnifying solutions try....

Burrp: Accessibility implementation can enable ‘discover’ and ‘share’ to ALL

February 26, 2014
by Ramya Venkitesh @ 4:38 am No Comments
Filed under: Accessibility, Accessibility Testing, Mobile

Another post in ‘App a Month’ blog series by BarrierBreak to talk about Mobile App Accessibility! This time Bhavesh, who is blind chose to review one of the most popular apps that provides comprehensive listings of local business, hotels, restaurants etc – the ‘Burrp’. He shares his experience below. People go out, whether it is....

Techshare India 2014 concluded with a major focus on Implementation

February 17, 2014
by Ramya Venkitesh @ 8:57 am No Comments
Filed under: Accessibility, AT, Techshare India

The fourth edition of Techshare India held on 13 & 14 February 2014, New Delhi was a major success. The 2 day accessibility & assistive technology conference and exhibition set people to think of how to innovate and adapt to meet the needs of people with disabilities and how society needs to evolve so as....

Ready to Raise the Curtain: Techshare India 2014

February 7, 2014
by Ramya Venkitesh @ 6:01 am No Comments
Filed under: Accessibility, AT, Techshare India

Techshare India 2014 is all set to raise the curtains on the 13th and 14th February, 2014 at the India Habitat Center, New Delhi, India. After 2008, 2010 and 2012, BarrierBreak brings Techshare India 2014 in partnership with National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People (NCPEDP)  and Royal National Institute of Blind People....

Scan & Read Solution: Sit Back, Relax and Read or Listen

February 3, 2014
by Ramya Venkitesh @ 12:45 am No Comments
Filed under: AT, Blind, Libraries, Low Vision

Do you find reading a book, newspaper, magazine or any of your favourite material tiresome? Would you like your daily newspaper or favorite book to be read aloud by naturally sounding voices within a matter of seconds in the most stylish manner ? Would you like to magnify magazines or even your prayer book so....

Fun and colourful keyboarding with the Clevy Keyboard

January 27, 2014
by Ramya Venkitesh @ 4:50 am No Comments
Filed under: AT, Inclusive Education, Learning Impaired, Low Vision, Multiple Disabilities

Are you a teacher who would like to introduce keyboarding to your students in an innovative and joyful manner? Are you a special educator or a parent finding difficult to teach keyboarding to your student or child with disability? Teach, Type and Enhance with fun and colourful keyboarding solution – Try the Clevy Keyboard! The....

When hearing aids are not enough try ‘Assistive Listening Devices’

January 20, 2014
by Ramya Venkitesh @ 4:26 am No Comments
Filed under: AT, Hearing Impaired, Independent Living

Do you have to strain yourself while listening to people around you when at home, social gatherings, classrooms, lecture halls or in office? Do you find difficult listening to your favorite TV programs, music or talking over the telephone? Hearing Aids in certain situations struggle to provide the user with the clarity of sound they....

When glasses no longer suffice – try ‘Portable Magnifiers’

January 13, 2014
by Ramya Venkitesh @ 5:03 am No Comments
Filed under: AT, Elderly, Low Vision

Do you find difficulty in identifying your medicines, reading a price tag at the shop, or signing a cheque or credit card bill due to low vision? When glasses no longer suffice there are other solutions. Try Portable Magnifiers! BarrierBreak brings to you a range of Portable Magnifiers that are attractive, stylish that helps you....

BarrierBreak 2013 – A Recap

January 1, 2014
by Ramya Venkitesh @ 4:55 pm No Comments
Filed under: General

2013 was an year full of learning new things, innovating ideas, new experiences, new achievements and new beginnings. All this has been possible with a great team effort and timely guidance of Shilpi Kapoor – our Managing Director. We recap the year 2013 with the aim of learning from the past and understanding that a....